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Hawkish™ is world famous company for reliable products in Power, Engery efficenecy, Fire Safety, Security, Automations etc. Hawkish™ is a subsidiary company of Frank Volacrest™ Ltd, United Kingdom .

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Hawkish has the power to develop world class products for peoples. Hawkish is not a brand but a hope.

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Going forward, Hawkish building multinational businesses that seek to differentiate themselves

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Hawkish is subsidiary of Frank Volacrest Ltd, London, UK. Contact us for enquiry

Protect your Family

Electric Shock can call death. Use SafeGuard™

Electric Shock Protection

When a current exceeding 30 milliamps passes through the human body the individual will be at serious risk of a fatal electric shock if the current is not interrupted in a timely manner.

Safe you Kitchen

Use SafeGuard™ and get relax!!!

Fire Protection

SafeGuard™ is primarily intended to provide protection against electric shock. However, a fault current may flow through equipment to ground and if this current is above a certain level and is allowed to flow for an excessive period, there may be a risk of electric fire.

Over Load Protection

Overload or overcurrent is self-defining: Any current in excess of rated-load current is, in effect, an overload. An overload occurs when an electrical circuit, whether by the original design of a new circuit or by modification of an existing circuit, is required to convey load current in excess of the rated-load ampacity of the circuit conductors.

Protect Swimming Pool

Just think ! You are in a sea of electricity! Use SafeGuard™

Leakage Current Protection

Normal or acceptable levels of leakage current can occur due to capacitance on the installation and most installations will have some degree of leakage current. The capacitance and the capacitive path between the electrical installation and ground provide a path for some AC leakage current to flow to ground.

Protect your workplace

A wonderful workplace may unsafe with out SafeGuard™ l

SafeGuard™ Produtcs

Hawkish™ SafeGuard™ has 4 individual models. XPBF and XPBF+ are two categories based on technology and price. Every category has Single and Three phase model.


XPBF Single Phase

Capacity: DP25A-63A, 1P 220V,50Hz


XPBF Three Phase

Capacity: DP25A-63A, 3P 220V,50Hz


XPBF+ Single Phase

Capacity: DP25A-63A, 1P 220V,50Hz


XPBF+ Three Phase

Capacity: DP25A-63A, 3P 220V,50Hz

a voiceHawkish!

Hawkish is making a world will be more reliable, more secure and more sustainable. Where we ensure to create intelligent systems, efficient energy solutions, integrated automations systems that work smoothly together to deliver on the promises. The promise is all about delivering technologies that make people’s lives – and the reliable future.


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